My adventures with Kiloton the greatest Off The Track Thoroughbred ever!

Beer for my horses?

The Song Beer For My Horses always made me smile. Just the idea of a rugged cowboy celebrating beer with his beloved horse somehow just shows respect from cowboy to his pal – like a bond that only guys share and that cowboy shares it with his horse.

I’m not a beer drinker. Maybe back in college I had a few (very few definitely and only because it was at frat/sorority parties) but overall if I’m offered a beer or an ice water I’d definitely choose the ice water. My DH on the other hand will have one here or there because he likes the taste. He’s not the only one – Kilo likes it too!

A few weeks back I was tacking Kilo up. DH comes outside with a cold Dos Equis in his hand and Kilo’s ears perk up and he starts moving forward, eyes on the beer like, “Oh is that for me??!!!” Normally Kilo is a ho-hum type of horse, going with the flow and not much seems to excite him. I admit I was a bit surprised. DH says to me, “Honey I think this horse has had beer before. Look at him!” As he’s saying this, Kilo is moving his mouth towards DH’s beer trying to sniff in that beer aroma and maybe steal a lick. Such a funny boy! DH didn’t share though.

So last night I’m currying Kilo and we’d all but forgotten about Kilo’s interest in the bottle. Again, something sparks Kilo’s interest and he’s moving towards DH again. I’m like where the heck are you going? Then I see the beer. Really Kilo?! This time my husband decided to see if he liked it or if it was just curiosity, as I’m protesting not to give him too much Kilo about grabbed the green bottle in his mouth and swished a few swigs around, happily.

At that moment, my husband and I concluded that our horse not only likes to get high off cribbing, but he is also a huge fan of beer.

Cowboy Dos Equis would be proud. I’ve read that back in the day, trainers would give beer to their horses. I’ve also read that it’s quite common on the tracks and for some reason, Guinness is the preferred one. I wonder if Kilo would prefer Guinness over Dos Equis.


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  1. Well, Guinness is “good for you” … my guy will sip a bud light with lime in a pinch though 😉

    You recently left a comment at my blog asking what kind of camera I use – it’s a Canon Powershot SD960IS – whatever all that means. An already outdated point and shoot that I occasionally bond with long enough to catch a decent picture lol!

    July 30, 2011 at 1:44 am

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