My adventures with Kiloton the greatest Off The Track Thoroughbred ever!


Long lost journal

I’ve been really bad bad bad with updating lately. It’s not that nothing is happening, but that TOO MUCH has been happening! Work is extremely busy and then once I’m home, after making dinner for the family, feeding the horses and dogs, doing stalls, and maybe squeezing in some riding and grooming time, setting up hay and grain for the next day, etc, I’m exhausted – not to mention everything that goes into getting ready for the 4 AM wake up time the next morning!

So since I last journaled, Kilo and I went on the big big trail in the woods. He was a superstar, barely flinching over the rustling of trees or cracking of sticks under his hooves. My darling husband made some amazing trails through the woods and I couldn’t wait to try it out. He walked in front of Kilo which seemed to help Kilo’s confidence, and even though my kids were following about 100 feet behind on their power wheels, we had no scary issues at all. He’s such a wonderful boy!

I think all of this praise was starting to get into his head as Kilo started acting a little stud-like in his stall, swooshing his tail and pinning his ears at feeding time, kicking the stall….. I think that my mare Rainbow had a little to do with that, as they’re often making mean faces at one another. He has this crazy thing with gnashing his teeth into his feed bucket and grabbing a mouthful of grain as soon as it’s poured and throwing it all over the stall. I’ve told him to cut it out in a stern voice, which seems to make his attitude worse. I’ve tried ignoring it, and have also tried talking to him in a nice voice. So far, as weird as it sounds, the nice voice has worked the best. I only scold him if his ear pinning is directed at me, which doesn’t happen too often but has happened a few times. Lately though he’s been a total teddy bear.

We changed farriers this past week. I know that my boy needs someone who REALLY knows how to shoe a thoroughbred with thin soles and low heels and I think I found just the guy. He COMPLIMENTED all of the horses – and said that Kilo was exceptional in his personality compared to other thoroughbreds he had worked with. He put a wedge pad on the back of his front left foot to help with raising his heel up so his hoof has an angle more identical to his right hoof. I also asked the farrier about the possibility of jumping lower level in the future (the other farrier said I shouldn’t even RIDE him and that I should just get rid of the horse – yeah so I decided to get rid of the farrier instead – the nerve of him insulting my baby!… disclaimer- there were other – MANY other reasons I let go of the other guy but I digress…) and anyway this new farrier said that we should be able to do lower level stuff, which really is all I’d ever want to do anyway. I’m not quite the daredevil that I was when I was in my teens or even 20’s and I don’t want to push my horsies (or myself for that matter!) beyond their abilities in any way.

I’m thinking of putting Rainbow into dressage training. We’ll see if we can conjure up the money! The big news right now is that I’m EXPECTING baby #3 – human baby that is… and so our expenses are undoubtably going to increase.

Plans for my QH OHK-bred filly are up in the air. I think she’ll make a wonderful kids’ mount and at the same time realize she’s worth her weight in gold in terms of bloodlines and temperament and ability. I just need to find the time to work everyone. 

I’m seriously considering either donating my husband’s QH mare to either a good therapeutic riding center so we can assure that she’s well taken care of, or well, I don’t know. I don’t want to SELL her because I’m afraid of her not going to a good enough home. We have too much time and love invested in her to see her go to just anywhere. But out of my 4, she receives the least amount of riding/training time since my DH is busy with work and school and honestly, even though he would like to call himself a horse person, I know in my heart that horses aren’t his passion as they are mine. His horse deserves more attention than what she’s receiving and we really need to figure out a way to cut some costs.



So I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t actually ridden in over a week and a half. This summer has been unbearable to say the least! Followed by a spring with one of the highest rainfalls on record, now we’re in this crazy heatwave of 97 degree days, 70 percent humidity, and heat indexes through the roof. So needless to say it’s not been the best riding weather.

Kilo doesn’t seem to be bothered too much and I think that this time off is quite refreshing to him! Besides the weather, Kilo decided last week would be a good time to throw both his front shoes in a matter of 2 days apart. He was a bit sore and the farrier came out this past Friday to put on a shiny new set of shoes. So far, Kilo approves of the new nike’s. Now if the weather could give us one day of low humidity, we can get some riding time in!