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Horsey ramblings

It’s hard to believe that I’ve had Kilo for several months now because I’m really still figuring him out. With the mares who we’ve had for years, I know their personalities and quirks pretty well.


Tiara, our 12 year old QH mare, has this funny thing she does of thrusting her neck to the side over and over while in the field to point to the direction she wants her followers to go. She is all tough girl attitude until she’s wearing a halter and then she does a complete 180 in personality and turns into miss docile sweetie. She’s decent under saddle but at times likes to test, doing things like body drifting towards the barn while her head is turned the way she’s SUPPOSED to be going – things like that. We get back on track after she tries her stunts but she always likes to test, just to see if there is a small possibility she can get her way.

Rainbow and Tiara

Rainbow (6 year old PMU) is a dream to work with on the ground, can pick up a lead in a snap and has great propulsion. She also loves treats, kids, and tons of attention, to the point where she’ll push another horse out of the way just to get an extra rub on her head. She has these beautiful amazingly huge hooves for her little 14.3 hand size and is solid as can be. She can gallop at full speed in the pasture, making stops on a dime and amazingly tight turns, never missing a step. She changes colors with the seasons too which is pretty neat – and she almost looks purple depending on whether her bay roan coat is shedding her coming in – she’s a tri-color with purple I’d say – hence her name!

Flirt (QH), our yearling, is just that. She’s curious, sweet and precautious, happily following the mares to find her place. She’s smart as a whip and learns quickly. I need to take some updated pics of Flirt – she’s a beauty queen.

All the mares are well mannered most of the time. Rainbow can be a stink at times during farrier trims so we’re working on her patience. That reminds me I should start sacking her out a little bit this week (need to have my awesome handyman husband put up that Clinton Anderson tie ring!)

Kilo is quite the actor I’m learning. He knows how much attention he can get and is very tuned into ‘ohhhh poor boy!!’ pity whenever the flies are after him. So while the mares go about their business munching on grass and swishing the flies away, Kilo can have one little fly after him and he’s rushing up to me as if he’s saying “Help Mom!” Well yesterday wasn’t just one fly. Those dive bomber flies yesterday were insanely hungry. I put some Equispot on Kilo and it helped a little but I really wish I could do more while he’s out. Other than fly masks, a good fly spray, equispot, and keeping the area as clean as possible, I hope that I’m at least making somewhat of a difference. In my neverending effort to make him as happy and comfortable as can be, I tend to overanalyze things and then it cuts into my riding time and then I wonder why I don’t ride more often. Kilo doesn’t mind me riding. He likes the attention but he tends to be on the lazy side. So this is where his actor part comes in. We lunge before I ride, for a few minutes, not for countless repititions, but enough to see how he’s feeling and responding. Normally he’s going along as asked but not really striding out or picking up his feet or acting like he has a ton of energy – more or less like ‘okay you asked me to go so I’m going but I’d rather be standing’ type of attitude. So then I start overanalyzing. Are his hooves okay? Is he sore anywhere? Is it too hot to ride? (that’s been my thing lately as I WON’T ride if the heat index is over 95… something that I took with me from the equine physiology class in college) A few times I decided that I didn’t want to ride because in my mind, Kilo was tired or sore of whatever. Then I go to take him back to the barn and WHAM – different horse! His eyes brighten up, he’s walking at what I’d call a fast pace, his ears are forward and he’s alert as can be. Maybe he’s not an actor – maybe he’s a trainer – to me.

We’ll be going on our trail in the woods soon so I’m sure that will spark his interest. I mean no, we’re not going out running 35 miles per hour on a track but this can be exciting too! Honestly with how soft his soles are and how easily his hooves chip I don’t know how in the world he would have survived many races, and it’s a blessing to him I think that his owner and trainer retired him after he was only in a small handful of races. It just cracks me up that he placed 3rd in one race I found online after being a front runner til the back stretch and 1st in the last race he was in.  He’s so darn lazy! How could that have been my horse?! But that, along with his non-spookiness, should be a good thing for trail. Maybe he can teach Rainbow some lessons about what does NOT constitute a scary monster.

So that’s my rambling post for today.