My adventures with Kiloton the greatest Off The Track Thoroughbred ever!

Working Log

I saw this on another blog and think it’s a good idea for times that I can’t go into writing an entire post (which is unfortunately more often than not!) So, this is where I will post my working log of times that I’ve ridden, worked, or done something with the horses that I want to keep track of – not just for Kilo but for my other 3 as well! My biggest thing is consistency and hopefully keeping track will help. With a husband, 2 young kiddos, 4 dogs including my 2 high energy Border Collies and a full time job, it is a challenge – but NEVER boring.


Thursday, Aug 4, 2011: Rode Kilo at the walk and trot. It was cooler out, but still humid so we didn’t do a whole lot. He was quite lazy. The kids rode for about 5 minutes each while I led them one by one. Olivia even led Kilo for a few seconds while I walked behind her with my hand on Max’s foot the whole time. Olivia trotted for a few strides and giggled the whole time while I was leading her on Kilo.

I started Kilo on alfalfa pellets last week and Tiara 3 days ago.

The mares were content to be lazy and grazing in the fields. Horseflies are horrendous the past two weeks so the horses are getting more turn out in the late evenings and sometimes overnight.

Thursday, July 21, 2011: 112 heat index and too hot to ride.

Kilo: Gave hose down and made mental note to self that I really need to put him on some alfalfa cubes in addition to his Orchard Grass Hay. He could definitely put on a few pounds.

Tiara: Gave hose down. Need to brush up on her skills with her so she can go to the therapeutic riding center as a therapy horse.

Flirt: Gave hose down – she did wonderful – yay! Need to continue bending exercises and yearling work with her. Need more time spent on holding her hooves up for longer amounts of time. Need to develop a CONSISTENT training plan.

Rainbow: Gave hose down – somewhat of a brat but listened when I made her respect my space. Need to develop a CONSISTENT continuation of training. Goals for next month for Rainbow

1) Moving forward with saddle on without trying to buck it off  2) accepting me on her back 3) walking quietly under saddle 4) if enough time and good enough weather for daily work, trotting quietly under saddle


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